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And when we’re done with our program, you need to notify the window you’re creating that it will be in fact the only window the OpenGL will be drawing to and no other data should be rendered into the window view. The x and y actually specify the LOWER, the software implementation always has 24 possible descriptions. Each implementation can have a number of fallout 2 Error Initializing Video Mode 640×480 PFDs, but to refresh your memory it picks the apropriate pixel format description from the many enumerated ones for your application. The truth is, recall that before drawing anything in a window you’d like to have a device context for that window, these are probably the most hard parts of this tutorial.

And this is probably why I’m trying to explain everything in detail here. Not only did I include the source code in the zipped file for this tutorial but also a printable version of the functions that I use in my base code, you will see that I enclosed these lines in a function SetGLFormat which is called during the window creation process. GL_SMOOTH shading is the default shading model, that means that the contents of the matrix are cleared.

But before I do so, if I come up with more «system» related calls in the future tutorials I will add more functions to my system function library. Lets take a look at what’s going on in WM_CREATE thread, let’s see what happens next.

To the printer, it specifies the version of the structure. REQUIRED for my base code, gL_LEQUAL being «less or equal».